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    Types of mp3 players

    Just like there are varied users of mp3 players, the mp3 players are designed in various forms leading to the existence of a large variety of mp3 players. The choice of mp3 players is based on different varying factors. These factors range from the indented use of the player, the storage capacity of the mp3 player and the much you are planning to part with to acquire the player. Therefore the choice of the player lies on the consumer specifications and the following are the main mp3 players commonly in use by many consumers.

    Flash memory mp3 players

    This type of player happens to be the smallest with a very low weight and know to have the smaller storage capacity for songs unlike the hard drive players. Because of its size the player is quite perfect for a class of consumers who are most likely to be found engaging in exercises since it does not contain any moving parts. This type of mp3 player has the ability to offer a storage capacity of almost 2000 songs with some models having video and photo capabilities it also offers the best security, like using construction security dogs dogs as opposed to static guards.

    Hard drive mp3 players

    These players have a considerably larger storage capacity like the Apple iPod that can hold up to 80GB. This player is perfect for any consumer looking for storage for an entire music collection. The only cost that these players have is that they are likely to consume more power. This type of player involves moving parts which in most cases may skip while others having and shocks.

    Mp3 CDs players and MiniDisc


    This class of mp3 players plays music in the form of mp3 and other digital files. This technology offers the ability to burn the mp3 music files into CD-R discs f4omthe old CD collection. For consumers considering this type of music player, it is also necessary to acquire a CD burner. CDs can holder music for almost 10 hours. This player is cheaper and larger in size than the digital counterparts.

    Hybrid mp3 players

    As a result of increased changes in the world technology with new innovations and inventions on daily basis mp3 is no longer a stand-alone technology. Mp3 capabilities are now being offered in many other consumer products. This te3chnolgy is now being offered in satellite radios, DVDS players, personal digital assistants, sunglasses and mostly uniquely a combination Swiss army knife-mp3 player. Notably currently most of the mobile phone handsets have the mp3 capability like the iPhone.